Saturday, February 24, 2018   -  10:00 am

11900 Hwy. 66, Longmont , CO

From I-25 and Hwy. 66 (Exit 243), west 5 miles to Pace Street , and north into field.



2004 Kubota L5030, diesel, 3254 hours, one owner

1988 John Deere 4850, MFD, 8905 hours

1986 John Deere 2750 High Crop, MFWD, 75 hp, diesel, rebuilt engine with creeper

1974 John Deere 2630, 78 hp, diesel, rebuilt engine

1967 John Deere 3020, power shift, 70hp, diesel, rebuilt engine, 250 hours

1968 Int. 70 Hydro, gas, 3505 hours



1999 Ford Ranger, 5 speed, 205,700 miles

1994 Ford E350 Truck with 15 foot van body, 460 gas engine, 218,600 hours, needs work

1993 Freightliner FL60 Truck, diesel, 210,000 miles



PDF 420 Corn Topper, 8 row, 1700 hours

Brent 310 Grain Train Cart

Alloway 2040 Field Cultivator, 16 foot, rolling baskets

Field Cultivator, 20 foot, rolling baskets

IH Vibrashank 45 Field Cultivator

Alloway Cultivator with rolling shields

Hinniker 6000 Cultivator, 6 row

Alloway 3565 Cultivator, 6 row

3 Cultivators, 6 row, 3 point

Farmhand Cultivator, 6 row

Orthman HD Cultivator, 6 row

Cultivator, 4 row

4 Tool Bars, 3 point

Graham Hoehme

2 Rotary Hoes, 6 row

Hawkins Ditcher, 6 row

IH 10 Ripper

John Deere 670 Disc, 20 foot

John Deere Disc, 16 foot

Farmhand Manure Spreader on JD Running Gear

RediHaul Swather Trailer

4 Trailers with running gears



Yale Pallet Jack, electric, 2000 lb cap.

Lilliston 6200 Edible Bean Combine

Clipper 27 Seed Cleaner with several screens

Pixall Green Bean Harvester, 2 row

Pixall Green Bean Shaker Table

Packing Line

Packing Line Equipment

John Deere 70 Planters, 5 row, 3point

John Deere 70 Planters, 6 row, 3 point

John Deere MaxEmerge 7300 Vacuum Planter

2 Milton Toolbar Planters, 5 & 6 row

Planter Jr Planters

Cultipacker, 11 foot

Williams Lettuce Cultivator, 2 row

Field Cultivator, 8 foot

Brillion Cultivator, 4 row

Cultivator, 2 row

Lely Finger Weeder, 6 row

Packer Wheels, rolling baskets, picnic tables

Mulch Layer, 4 foot

Plant Racks

Tomato Cages

Garden Mart Greenhouse, 60x21 feet

Shop Built Hydro Cooler, 16x2 feet

Walk-in Cooler, 48 foot fans, conveyor lines, wash lines, bagging lines

Ice Machine, 1200 lb



Flow Guard Sand Filters for drip irrigation, stainless steel

Gated Pipe, 8 inch

Sprinkler Pipe, 4 inch aluminum, with Rainbirds

Irrigation Pumps



John Deere Hay Forks

John Deere Row Marker Set, 12 row

3 Row Marker Sets

Speed King Hi-Angle Auger, 6 inch, 42 foot

Fuel Tank, 6000 gallon, pump

6 pairs Tires on Rims, 15.5x38, 19.9x38, 18.4x38

Assorted Tires & Rims

Milton Planter Tanks

Cultivator Tools




Tim Carlson  (612-978-7764)

2 New Holland TR70 Combines

New Holland Combine for parts

Allis Chalmers All Crop Harvester, antique

1975 John Deere 4430 Tractor, cab

1975 Int. 966 Tractor, cab

1969 Oliver 1850 Tractor, cab

1977 Dodge Pickup, ¾ Ton

1964 Chevy Truck, 1 Ton

Road Grader

Sutton Steele & Steele Gravity Separator

3 Centrifugal Blowers

2 Seed Cleaners

Behlen Grain Dryer

Massey Ferguson Feed Grinder

7 Utility Wagons

John Deere 750 Grain Drill, 10 foot

2 Grain Augers

Side Roll Irrigation

PTO Water Pump

Subsoil Cutter


Rod Tuttle  (303-304-4182)

1979 John Deere 4640 Tractor, cab, with John Deere 280 Loader

1975 John Deere 4430 Tractor, cab, power shift

John Deere Quick Hitches

John Deere Weights

John Deere Wheels & Tires  


Jake Gould (970-308-1891)

International 5488 Tractor mfwd

John Deere 113 Grain Drill

Baker Field Cultivator, 25 foot

John Deere p/t Sprayer with 60 inch boom


John Weigandt (303-659-3121)

1976 Ford Truck Cab Over Engine, with beet box, side hoist, auto sb closer

1966 Chevy Truck  with beet box, side hoist, auto sb closer


NOTE:  Dave is changing his operation, and selling his farm & vegetable equipment.  We have also added some consignments for even more options.  This is a good opportunity for you to add to your  inventory.  Questions on Dave’s items can be directed to him at 303-619-0013.  Plan to attend.  
Lunch will be available.

  TERMS:  Payment required auction date with cash or good check.  NO PLASTIC!  Announcements auction date take precedence over written materials.

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