Saturday, March 10, 2018  -  9:30 am MST

384 East Bromley Lane, Brighton, CO 

From Hwy. 85 and Bromley Lane on the south side of Brighton, east mile.  

Sakata Farms is changing their farming operation and discontinuing their sweet corn production, for which they have been well-known. 



Bidding on the items listed below can be done onsite or online!  Online bidding is on and begins at noon MST.




2005 John Deere 7420 Tractor, SN 33192, 9500 hours, IVT, 3 hydraulics, pto 540/1000, 3 point hitch, front tires 320/95x32 @ 40%, rear tires 230/95x48 @ 30%, rear duals, diesel, no weights

2005 John Deere 7420 Tractor, SN 33004, 9500 hours, IVT, 3 point attachment on front and rear, 3 hydraulics, pto 540/1000, front tires 290/95R34 @75%, rear tires 320/90R50 @ 75%, rear duals, diesel, no weights

2004 John Deere 6420 Tractor, SN 405155, 9000 hours, IVT, 3 hydraulics, pto 1000, 3 point, front tires 290/95R34 @ 50%, rear tires 320/95R50 W 30%, diesel, no duals, no weights

2004 John Deere 6420 Tractor, SN 404678, 9000 hours, IVT, 3 hydraulics, pto 540, 3 point, front tires 100/20, rear tires 320/90R50 @ 50%, rear duals, diesel, no weights

1986 Fiat Hesston 70-66DT Tractor, SN 4732MA, 8+4, 2 hydraulics, pto 540, 3 point, front & rear tires 13.6x38, right @ 70%, left @ 10%, diesel

1982 John Deere 4040 Tractor, SN 12742RW, 8+2 powershift, 2 hydraulics, pto 540/1000, 3 point, front tires 7.50x16 @ 20%, rear tires 12.4x42 @ 60%, duals, diesel

1981 John Deere 4040 Tractor, SN 01001R, 8+4 powershift, belly-mounted cultivator, 2 hydraulics, pto 540/1000, 3 point, front tires 7-50-16 @ 30%, rear tires 12.4x42 @ 20%, duals @ 40%, diesel

1981 John Deere 2630 Tractor, SN 4022T, 8+2, 2 hydraulics, pto 540, 3 point, front tires 5L-16 @ 50%, rear tires 15.5x38 @ 70%, diesel

1974 International 100 Hydro Tractor, SN U009521, hydro, 3 point, pto 540/1000, front tires 1100-16 @ 40%, rear tires 13.6x46 @ 70%, diesel

1973 International 666 Tractor, SN U009305, hydro, 2 hydraulics, pto 540, 3 point, front tires 9.5Lx15 @ 40%, rear tires 13.6x38 @ 60%, gas

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Complete Sweet Corn Packing Line, hydraulic power unit, leveling hopper, distributing dump belt, empty box carousel, full box conveyer, 30 packer stations, 85 feet long

Produce Hydro Cooling System, 200 Tons of mechanical refrigeration with two 700 gpm recirculating water pumps, ORP monitor, sanitizer injection system

York Ice maker, 20 Ton cap, runs well

Bohn Ice Maker, 20 Ton cap, runs well

Ice Maker Unit with two 15 Ton makers inside

Sweet Corn Cold Box Refrigeration System for 38 x 100, 16-fan units

Broccoli Cold Box Refrigeration System for  38 x 38, three 3-fan units

Cabbage Cold Box Refrigeration System for  38 x 72, four 4-fan units

Corn Overwrap Cold Box Refrigeration System for  39 x 79, two 2-fan units  

Top Ice Blower with auger infeed, 15 hp motor on blower, hp motor on auger, 2 hp motor on feed auger

Liquid Ice Injector, hydraulic power unit, ORP monitor with sanitizer injection system

Biocide Keeper Sanitizer System, 50 gallon

2 Biocide Keeper Sanitizer Systems @ 30 gallon

Click here to view Packing Line Specs and Photos


  The following items will be sold with ONSITE bidding only.



2002 GMC Sierra Pickup, needs work

1999 Chevy Pickup, Ton, 4x4, 5.3L V-8, automatic

1996 Ford Ranger Pickup, extended cab, 4x4, V-6, automatic

1986 Nissan Pickup, 2WD, 4 cylinder, 5 speed

1985 Ford Escort, 5 speed

1998 Volvo 60 Series Truck Tractor, 12.7L, Detroit, Allison automatic, wet kit

1993 Kenworth Truck Tractor, Cummins N-14, 10 speed, needs motor

1992 Volvo 60 Series Truck Tractor, 12.7L, Detroit, Allison automatic, wet kit

1991 Volvo 60 Series Truck Tractor, 12.7L, Detroit, Allison automatic, wet kit

1989 Kenworth 60 Series Truck Tractor, cabover, 11.1L, Detroit, 10 speed

1986 Ford Truck, Cummins, 6 speed, single axle



2 1996 Shop Built Live Bottom, 40 foot

1996 Shop Built Live Bottom, 40 foot, broken chain

1980 Utility Refer, 42 foot

1973 Lufkin Flatbed, 40 foot

1973 Clark Van, 45 foot

1951 Flatbed with screened sides, 35 foot

1939 Fruehauf Flatbed, single axle, 22 foot, tank

John Deere Equipment Hauler, 30 foot

Timpte Van Box, 38 foot

Full Trailer Frame with bumper, 20 foot



Nissan PJ01A15V, gas, 2-stage with sideshift, 14,790 hours (orange #1)

Nissan MPL01A15JV, gas, 3-stage with sideshift, 9500 hours (silver #2)

Nissan MPL01A15JV, gas, 2-stage with sideshift, 9760 hours (silver #5)



Milton Onion Planter, 12 row

2 Milton Cabbage/Broccoli Planters, 6 row

Hagi Detasseler, high clearance, Chrysler 318 V-8 engine

John Deere Vibrashank, 17 foot

Vibrashank, 12 foot

Befro Tiller, 66 inch

Triple K, 4 foot

Kongskilde Triple K, 30 foot

Landoll 3230 Mulcher, 25 foot

Landoll 1700 Chisel Plow, 10 foot

Eversman 1600 Land Plane, needs wheels  

1978 John Deere 690B Excavator, engine needs work

2 Harvesting Belts, 24 x 60

Field Packing Unit, 45 foot (blue)

Field Packing Unit, 40 foot (red)

Richardson Dump Wagon, 10 Ton

Dual Dump Wagon

5 Produce Wagons, 6-wheel

18 Produce Wagons, 4-wheel

Lockwood Bin Piler, extends to 35 feet

50 Stackable Bins, cap 35 @ 50 lb sacks

Top Aire Onion Harvester, 3 row, for parts

Onion Sack Loader, pull type

Various Tanks with tractor mounts

Crust Buster, 6 row, 30 inch

Bean Double Rod Lifter, 16 foot

Bean Double Rod Lifter, 11 foot

Speedy Bean Undercutter, front mount, 16 foot

Undercutter Blade, 15 foot

Tool Bar for spiders, 16 foot

Blade, hydraulic tilt X angle, 10 foot, 3 point

Dozer Blade, hydraulic angle, 14 foot, 3 point

3 Tool Bars, individual rows, 16 foot

2 Folding Tool Bars, 12 row, 30 inch

8 Pallet Fork attachments, 3 point  

Block Ice Crusher, self-contained with Ford flathead V-8 gas motor

Cabbage Packing Line with distributing hopper, 2 produce belts, full box belt, empty box conveyor

Sweet Corn Trim Saw Line, 2-lines

Corn Double Saw with cleated chain

Intensley Sweet Mesh Bags, 22 x 6

Wax Cabbage Cartons

Wood Corn Crates, wire bound, 11 x 12

Cardboard Bins, 48x40x36

Steel-framed Bins with wood walls

And many other supportive items, such as tractor weights, parts, tires, electric motors, hoses, clamps, broccoli bunchers, etc.  

 NOTE:  Sakata Farms has been well-known for generations for their vegetable production including sweet corn.  They have decided to change their operation and no longer raise sweet corn, broccoli & cabbage, and concentrate on onions & other crops.  They will be offering their production lines and supporting equipment at this auction.  Preview the week prior.   Questions can be directed to Ray at 720-810-0263 or Steve at 303-881-5982.  Lunch will be available.  Plan to attend!


TERMS:  Payment required auction date with cash or good check.  NO PLASTIC!  Wiring funds will be accepted, however, must be approved prior to auction date by contacting our office.  Online bidders must wire funds in accordance with the terms on  Announcements auction date take precedence over written materials. 

Sakata Farms auction site is only 19 miles from Denver International Airport.
Please call our office if we can assist you in any way with arrangements.


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